CN.FORTUNE Vinyl Sticker Printing For Advertising Industry

Installation procedure

Material: transfer film, rags, scraper or card.

1. Clean the car body and sprinkle water evenly on the part of the body to be attached. – to reduce the sticker viscosity, easy to adjust the location.

2. After confirming the paste position, slowly side of the paste, while gently scraping with a tool, while exposing the transfer film (pictorial translucent paper).

3. When meeting doorknob or anti-chafing strip, cut and pack the material according to the situation;

4. Adjust the figures in general, and then repeatedly scrape the water and bubbles after making sure the figures are in general.Tearing the transparent transfer film.

5.  In the door and sewing machine with a knife to draw a knife, inward package service

6. Do not let the car stickers and body any separation or protrusion;

7. Try to make the car in the water dry. It can be moderate heating if hasing the condition. According to the weather, after a day or two after the car wash.

Clear steps:

Material: heating hair dryer, to glue cleaning agent, cleaning cloth

When the car sticks old or do not like it, with a heated hair dryer blowing in the car paste, to reach a certain temperature when the hand can easily be removed. With a cloth to dipped in glue cleaning agent to wipe the stickers posted on the sticky marks on it.

Printing vinyl stickers:

The car stickers through the printing of the material made of different patterns, suitable for large-scale production, only as a partial decoration, play the role of finishing touch.

custom vinyl stickers

vinyl sticker roll

In addition, there is one way vision, this car stickers do not affect the line of sight; metal paste, it is mainly small size of the car modified brand logo; network posted, affixed to the car before and after the windshield; , Electrostatic paste, magnetic paste, and so on.

According to the different parts of the car, can also be divided into the front block stickers, cover paste, body stickers, modified pieces of stickers, after the block stickers, decorative small stickers and so on.


Vinyl sticker printing in addition to display the advertisment, alert others and express personality, but also can protect the paint, cover scratches.What's more, if the car is a reflective material, posted a car stickers will increase the safety of driving at night.

Using Method Of Vinyl Sticker Printing For Advertisment

Using Method Of Vinyl Sticker Printing For Advertisment

Vinyl Sticker Printing

Vinyl Sticker Printing