Water-base Inkjet Media Of Guangzhou Fortune

1. Photo paper high glossy 

Photo paper high glossy is one of advertising materials widely used for photo. The photo paper has high gloss, high image resolution, good anti-aging performance, the printed image through inkjet is brighter and more colorful than ordinary PP adhesive synthetic paper. 

Photo paper high glossy

Photo paper high glossy

2. PP Paper with self-adhesive 

Synthetic PP paper with self-adhesive is the most commonly used consumables in advertising, with adhesive tape on the back, can be attached to the advertising board, and often seen in the poster printing and exhibition board. 

PP Paper with self-adhesive

PP Paper with self-adhesive

3. Cold laminating PVC film 

Cold laminating PVC film is also called protective film, and the cold laminating PVC film used in general advertising is divided into two kinds: glossy and matte. The film is pasted on the printed picture, which can increase the texture of the picture and protect the picture, and is resistant to scratching and water resistance. Can be used to protect outdoor posters, advertising, various pictures, documents and data. 

Cold laminating PVC film

4. Water-base front/backlit PET film 

Applicable place: Mainly used for light box advertising, water-based PET film feels hard, and the thicker the water-based PET film is, the more expensive it is. 


1)According to the inkjet direction, it can be divided into water-base front PET film and water-base backlit PET film. 

2) It can be divided into half semi-transparent and transparent according to color. 

Water-base front/backlit PET film

5. Water-base transparent PET film

It is imported from other industries, and is generally used for board making, not for light box advertising. 

Water-base transparent PET film

Water-base transparent PET film