Waterproof Transparent Frosted Glass Decorative Window Film Static Cling Film Professional Supplier

CN.FORTUNE is a professional Static Cling Film supplier in China for more than 13years.

Our Static Cling Film materials are NO adhesive coating, Easy to absorb ink and Excellent printability and handling on selected printers. Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates. Won’t loose its shape, color or cling.

We offer Static Cling Film Material for  Car signs, window graphics or decals, Metro, auto window’s advertising or wrapping decoration,Temporary product markings,Point-of-purchase displays and protective masking …

This  Static Cling Film Material we made is for commercial use, and it can be widely placed in window decoration like shopping mall, supermarket or shop etc.

Static Cling Film Material is easy to absorb, has good static electricity, so it is easy to remove and replace the printing.