When it comes to visual advertising there are plenty of approaches and terms that you can choose from. Flyers, posters, leaflets and also roller banners. Most of the options open to you are relatively obvious and straightforward to understand and identify. But, roller banner can be a little confusing.

Roller banners can also be known as a roll-up or pull-up banner. They are an advertising display which combines a banner (this could be in a variety of materials) which has your chosen content printed onto it.

It also has a roller stand, which not only gives it support when you are displaying it. It also helps to give a storage space for the banner when you take it down and transport it.

In the most part, you will use a pull up banner if you need to move it around. Such as if you want to have a branded display or advertising board when you are attending trade fairs and conferences.

You can choose to your roller banners in the classic style, whereby the visual is only on the one side. Or you can have one whereby the design is double-sided and you can see it on both sides.

It is also possible to buy extra-large banners, which makes it an ideal choice if you really want to make sure that you stand out, such as at a large-scale event or perhaps a trade show.

Why chose roller banners?

Whilst roller banners are incredibly simple, they are really useful pieces of equipment for you to have for your business. There are a variety of reasons for this.

One reason is that they are easy to assemble, all you need to do is pull the banner up from its base and then lock the mechanism in place. Then it is good to display. They are just as easy to put down again after you have displayed them and you are ready to move them.

The roller banner comes with a roller banner stand, which not only acts as base, but also stores the banner material itself whilst it is not in use. You also have an Oxford bag that you put the base in, making it even easier to transport around. Not only this, but being able to store them in this way, you can keep the somewhat fragile roller banner protected and safe.

Another reason to choose pull up banners is because they are reusable, you can use them time and time again. This makes them a great investment for your business and you will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

Now you know more about roller banners and roller banner printing, you can decide whether or not a banner roll up is the right choice for your business.

Whether it is to promote yourself, share your brand or identify yourself against your competition; a roller banner is a great part of design.