Mesh flex banners have tiny holes to allow the wind to pass right through, reducing the dreaded “sail” or “kite” effect and extending the life of the banner. The movement and resistance is greatly reduced, and the risk of wind tearing the material is minimized, making them perfect for use on construction projects, scaffolding, or bridges where high wind conditions may be an issue. There are crisscrossed fibers that you can see through to some extent, but it still has a printable surface. Over 75% of the surface remains printable to allow for bright and vivid designs to be printed on the mesh banner material, its the ultimate advertising solution for windy conditions.



Weight: 220gsm to 270gsm
Base fabric: 1000x1000D/9×9, 1000x1000D/12×12, 1000x1000D/18×9, 500x1000D/18×12, ect
Width size: 1.02m~3.2m
Length size: 50m~100m
Waterproof: Yes
Compatible Ink: Eco-solvent and Solvent ink, UV, Latex
Application: Digital Inkjet Printing
Core size: 3″ diameter
Packing: Standard Kraft paper, Hard paper tub


1.Suitable for solvent or UV based printer printing, screen printing, good flexibility

2.Easy to absorb ink, quick drying, the graphics are brilliant.

3.Anti-UV, Anti-cold rain and anti-frost are available.

4.Easy segmentation or stitching or welding.

5.Have tiny holes to let wind to pass through, perfect advertising material for windy conditions.

6.With removable backing liner on the back, it can collect surplus ink during printing, which will protect the printer from ink pollution.



1.Outdoor billboard displays, signage

2. Building murals and in-store displays

3.Exhibition booth decoration

4. High resolution posters

5. Special effects display