Advantage And Classifications Of CN.FORTUNE Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is a kind of advertising material. It is a kind of special material which is laminated on the automobile, exterior wall or exterior wall glass for poster, picture or test and other advertising. The biggest advantage of self-adhesive vinyl: After the self-adhesive vinyl is laminated on an object surface, it can be replaced in the future, and it is easy to be torn off, and will not leave the colloid contaminants. 


(1)Common self-adhesive vinyl materials are: white car vinyl stickers, vinyl stickers black glue, transparent self-adhesive vinyl. 

(2)According to the first layer of different processing technology, the custom vinyl stickers for cars can be divided into glossy car stickers and matte car stickers.

(3)According to the different adsorption of glue,the custom vinyl stickers can be divided into removable vinyl sticker and permanent car stickers. Removable car stickers will not have no residue after tearing. Permanent car stickers will have some residue after tearing.

(4)It also has stronger glue type of self adhesive vinyl offering you to choose. Welcome to our webside for visiting.

Application of self adhesive vinyl:

stickers for cars

Self adhesive vinyl


vinyl sticker printing

custom car stickers