Transparent PET Film

The transparent PET film is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, high definition and high color reproduction. It is suitable for windows advertising, in-store advertising, press publishing printing plate, screen printing plate, trademarks and textile printing plate.

Transparent PET Film.jpg

The difference between waterproof inkjet clear PET film and non-waterproof inkjet clear PET film:

Waterproof: waterproof PET film after printing and dry, wipe with water won't rub off. However, the non-waterproof will fade.

Using: waterproof clear PET film can be used in high temperature and high humidity environment, but non-waterproof can not do that.

Suitable: waterproof clear PET film suitable for solvent / UV / Latex based printer printing. Non-waterproof clear PET film suitable for dye-based printer printing.


1.Easy to absorb ink, quick drying, the graphics are brilliant.

2.Good smoothness, easy segmentation.

3.Perfect material for plate-making.