Where can we purchase advertising LED light box?

LED Light box is a comprehensive coverage of advertising equipment. Especially in the city, the demand for light boxes is very large. Using in various kinds of large-scale wall light box advertisement, bus shelter light box, shop light box, hotel, restaurant light box signboard, menu signboard.  Light box are widely used in urban commercial district. Where can we purchase advertising light box? If you want to know where can we purchase the good advertising light box, please pay attention to the following.

Lightbox advertising is a relatively good advertising media in the outdoor advertising industry, and not much geographical, venue restrictions. Light boxes advertising media requires a large number of light boxes section bar. Light boxes are also used for the program stage, shopping malls within the various shops signs, crowd distribution tips signs, road signs and so on. The using of light boxes is widely. If you want to purchase the advertising light box intensively, we must go to find a professional manufacturers that has a variety of light box.

Beijing Dongxing Shengye Exhibition Co., Ltd

Beijing Dongxing Shengye company mainly produces, sells and processes aluminum alloy display panels, led light boxes, posters, publicity signs and other products. The company's products are widely used in educational institutions, community, business, commerce, medical systems and other public areas.

Guangzhou Fortune Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fortune Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional digital inkjet printing materials, exhibition display equipment manufacturers, with more than 10 years of history, product development, sales in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa, etc. Ground, product quality are in line with national requirements.

After many years of domestic and foreign products market test and run-in, through research and development, sales and other aspects of continuous improvement and adjustment, has formed a complete product line, including: exhibition equipment (light boxes, X-Chin, Yi Labao, Display rack, etc.), flexible light boxes cloth, indoor photo inkjet material, solvent & weak solvent inkjet printing materials, protective film, body stickers, single pasted, PVC foam board, advertising sheet.

LED Light box

LED Light box