X Banner Stand


The X banner stand is an advertising display featuring X-brackets on the back. X banner stand – terminal promotional vivid weapon. The display stand also known as product display stand, promotional stand, portable display and data stand. X banner stand is based on the characteristics of the product, design matching product promotion display stand, coupled with the creative LOGO signs, make the product visible in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising.

X Banner Stand

x stand

display stand

display product

X banner stand


X display stand is used to support the advertising screen of a shape of the letter X shelf. The picture is generally photo paper, PVC photo screen, the surface coating. Using in exhibition ads, roving exhibitions, commercial promotions, conference presentations. X stand is as a marketing tool with the terminal POP ads coming from. It has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transportation and rapid assembly. It is placed in the sales place and can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.

X display stand is early popular using in Europe and the United States, the conspicuous exquisite designs and display stand has been very popular in foreign countries, widely used in food and beverage, cosmetic, home appliances, home, building materials, wine and other industries. Many European and American packaging companies also believe that through the production of display stand can enhance the technological level of enterprises and business sales. In Europe and the United States, display stand is a very high value-added products, users and manufacturers are very large.

Now a number of brand customers have put the display stand as a regular promotional products in the system application, whether it is new product launch or holiday promotions, it also can achieve good results, enhance the store's brand image and create a festive atmosphere, Improve sales, very helpful.


Public places, events or business shops, wedding celebrations 


1. According to the price range can be divided into economic X-frame and standard X-frame.

Economical X-frame, the screen using screen printing, the overall components, without assembly, adjustable angle bracket, flexible and small size, style and diverse.

Standard X-frame, the picture using photo printing paper surface covering matt or high-gloss film layer, without complicated assembly process, the card is good screen and display rack hanging point can be.

2.  According to the appearance can be divided into:

X-water injection, Korean x-frame, multi-function X-frame, X-frame desktop.

Similar display stand series: floor-type display stand, desktop stand,, hanging exhibition stand, shaped display stand, aluminum Korean X-frame, the new Korean X-frame, X-type luxury water injection.

Similar related promotional portable exhibition with: Roll up stand/ promotional table / pop up display stand / display stand / X-type display stand, roll up, information stand, hanging stand, promotional tents, exhibition equipment and so on. Container racks, standard showcase, all kinds of showcases, other POP display point of sale and so on.

X display  stand specifications: 


Desktop desktop size:

25 * 42 cm

Regular size:



Material generally is carbon steel, aluminum, steel, etc.


Simple design, easy transport, easy to store, easy to install, economical and practical, lightweight, fast advertising supplies, weight less than 1.5KG.  It can install a complete X stand less than one minute.

X display stand  is convenient to put away, carry, can support a larger area of inkjet screen. X display stand is cost-effective, her advertising effectiveness can be comparable with the roll up.

Application areas

X display stand has been widely used in large stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions, companies, job fairs and other places of the exhibition activities. Used in exhibition ads, roving exhibitions, commercial promotions, conference presentations.